“Revolution” A Groovy And Chill Music Partnership Between Suniel Fox And Henry Strange

Posted by on July 23, 2020

Two acts have put some spice on a great set of samples, releasing “Revolution” to the masses. The two of focus are Suniel Fox and Henry Strange. Automated drum work, strong synths, and lyrics with a sing along nature, this is one single that has many sticky factettes for listeners to fixate on.

LA-based Suniel Fox has built a following, in part, around connecting live music elements with strong music releases. Linking with life enthusiast Henry Strange, who has a impressive skill in invention, music tech, and DJing, the two were able to make it work in a rich way via “Revolution.”

Suniel Fox and Henry Strange have certainly combined the best elements of their sounds and styles to form an original, fitting feel in “Revolution.”

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