Bass | Suniel Fox & Henry Strange Tap 5 Rising Artists For ‘Revolution’ Remixes

Posted by on August 12, 2020

With the success of ‘Revolution’ behind them, Suniel Fox & Henry Strange have curated a fine blend of high-class remixes, ranging from house aesthetics to dubstep verses, all bound within the title: ‘Revolution Remixes.’

Tyler Young gets funky, globally-recognized Holly adds his sauce well worth the listen, while Frank Royal shines with originality – together bringing an eclectic balance to the experience.

With good quality flips now out there and this partnership surely fostering something positive, ‘Revolution’ remixes is worth the listen on multiple levels.

Chill | “Revolution” A Groovy And Chill Music Partnership Between Suniel Fox And Henry Strange

Posted by on July 23, 2020

Two acts have put some spice on a great set of samples, releasing “Revolution” to the masses. The two of focus are Suniel Fox and Henry Strange. Automated drum work, strong synths, and lyrics with a sing along nature, this is one single that has many sticky factettes for listeners to fixate on.

LA-based Suniel Fox has built a following, in part, around connecting live music elements with strong music releases. Linking with life enthusiast Henry Strange, who has a impressive skill in invention, music tech, and DJing, the two were able to make it work in a rich way via “Revolution.”

Suniel Fox and Henry Strange have certainly combined the best elements of their sounds and styles to form an original, fitting feel in “Revolution.”