Oliver Heldens f. KStewart- Last All Night (Koala)

Posted by on October 9, 2014

We’ve made our feelings pretty well known to the blogosphere about Oliver Helden’s original “Koala” track that dropped a few months ago. To say we didn’t like it would be putting it nicely. Premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show last night, Oliver offers up the vocal version titled “Last All Night” with KStewart via FFRR. KStewart’s vocal contribution is notable, adding some much needed depth and variation to the track. I still think the drop is suspiciously similar to “Gecko” and I’m not going to back down from that criticism. Many of our counterparts in the blog world agree. Oliver may sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, but he makes damn good tunes and you have to respect him for the shift in the “EDM” space he’s creating. Here’s to hoping Oliver finds a new synth to incorporate into his future house sound. If you’re into this, be sure to pick up the pre-order available below.

Pre-Order: Oliver Heldens f. KStewart- Last All Night (Koala)

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