FNT Premiere: Bastian Salbart – Can People Fly

Posted by on February 10, 2014

FNT Premiere- Bastian Salbart - People Can Fly

The title track from his upcoming two track EP, “Can People Fly”, Polish youngster, Bastian Salbart is back with another strong effort on his home label of High Contrast Recordings. Like his previous release “Run”, Bastian Salbart toes the fine line between electro and trance, deftly blending them together with big, echoing chords and harsh growls. Stream the title track here exclusively until it is released in full next Monday. We also got a few got him to answer a few questions to give you all a little introduction to who he is and what to expect from him in the future.

1. How did you get started in dance music?

Nothing fancy. It’s all my brother’s “fault” who listens to this kind of music and I’ve just got influenced by his music taste. For me, listening was not enough and I’ve started to messing around with my own sounds. Later it turned into a passion, and I love doing it!

2. How have you seen yourself and your music evolve since you first started?

I have to admit that my style has changed a bit. I think that’s normal when you develop new skills and learn how to do stuff. My first tracks were not so good technically. I’ve started with slower productions, something to listen at home, in a car. Had some experiences with Chill Out ,etc. Once I liked to create quiet tracks, something to listen to at home or in the car, but later I went more into stronger tracks that you can play out at parties/events.

3. What is one thing people would not expect about you?

Hard to say as unexpected things are not expected so it’s hard to speak about them. But it can apply to any situation. But one thing related to music is that I never know what I end up with when producing a track, which means I can also surprise myself 😉

4. What do you have coming up?

Forthcoming single called “Can People Fly EP ” which is going to be released on 17.02 on High Contrast Recordings/Be Yourself Music. You’ll find 2 tracks in there. “Can People Fly”, which structure is focused on strong synths sounds and dirty electro-alike basses. The second one “Yes We Can” is a counterbalance to “Can People Fly”, focused mostly on deep, bottom bass and its sound relies mostly on atmosphere.

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