Mach’s Top 10 Free Downloads & Top 10 Purchases of 2013

Posted by on January 2, 2014

Mach's Top 10 of 20132013 was an interesting year to say the least for music. Trap rose up faster than many of us expected, EDM is now a huge part of mainstream music, and the festival scene rules the industry and the interwebz. My favorite things to come out of 2013 are the ever growing R&B sub-genres that have made the bedroom much more seductive than usual and the up and coming blend of Drum & Bass and Glitch-Hop, called Neuro-Hop that provides a funky kick to your usual bass music. This year has been filled with disappoints as well, the festival scene has led to much more repetitive productions leaving one to wonder if people actually pay attention to the music anymore. Dubstep seems to no longer be about the progression, but more about how many different bass sounds one can fit into the drop. Music is still and will always be a fan driven industry, and it’s evolution will always vary year by year.

As I have done in previous years, my top 10 consists of two lists. A top 10 of free music and a top 10 of purchased music. This post also marks my retirement and is the last one I will write. I have been a member of FNT for three years now. In that time I have learned a lot about music that I have had the privilege of teaching and passing on to others. I am sad to leave, but am excited for the new chapters of my life in the industry. I would like to thank FNT for the opportunities I have had and for the friends I have made because of it. More importantly I would like to thank  the artists who make the music I have fallen in love with and you, the fans that have continued to fuel my love of music. Let’s begin.

Top 10 Free Downloads

10. Seven Lions has undoubtedly made a huge impact on the music industry, inspiring many artists to follow in his melodic footsteps. This is one of my favorite remixes of Seven Lions by far. I love the progression taken on this by Vaizo, and how beautiful these vocals have always been. I have listened to this remix at least once a week this year.


Free Download: Seven Lions – Days To Come ft. Fiora (Vaizo’s Rise & Fall Mix)

9. Audeka has been making some serious moves this year. The trio has won my heart on more than one occasion this year. This funky bass track is the Neuro-Hop style that I have been following closely this year. I love heavy bass and Audeka provides that with this ear shattering track.


Free Download: Dino Safari – Breakspeed (Audeka Remix)

8. My brother is big listener of Hip-Hop, reminds me of myself looking for new music. It was actually him who introduced me to this mixtape from Ethel Wulf & Bones and I have had this on repeat for forever now. I love the calm instrumentals and the verses spit to continue that cool vibe. Anytime I need to relax I put this on.

Free Download: Ethel Wulf & Bones – Le No Kutsu (House Shoes)

7. I cannot get over how much sexy R&B has been created this year, originals and remixes. Dave Luxe came through with one of my favorite Ciara remixes. Everytime I hear this song I just want to… well you know, haha.

Dave Luxe

Free Download: Ciara – Overdose (Dave Luxe Remix)

6. Haywyre is a must know artists. Years now I have watched him rise into the industry with is funky glitch tracks. He first previewed this track this year as a part of his A Song Per Week Project, later giving it away for free. Haywyre shows many sides of himself on this track as a producer and a composer. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the future.


Free Download: Haywyre – Fluctuate

5. SevnthWonder is another one of those artists that has a key to your pants. How can you not get in the mood when listening to a song like this? “Bedroom Eyes” is a serious jam, your sex playlist is incomplete without it. SevnthWonder in general is an artist to watch out for, everything he has made this year is pure gold.


Free Download: SevnthWonder – Bedroom Eyes

4. At Dawn We Rage does a rave right. It is not so simple to just listen to this song without wanting to bust out to it. Reminds me so much of Deadmau5′ “Hey Baby”. One can’t help but be instantly addicted to that bassline.

At Dawn We Rage

Free Download: At Dawn We Rage – Why Don’t You Move

3. Reso just about made my year with this song. This is the Neuro-Hop I want to always have in my ears. The cuts from Lone Wolf paired with Reso’s bassline is like no other. Seriously one of the coolest bass productions of 2013.


Free Download: Reso – When It Drop (Cuts by Lone Wolf)

2. Again my heart can’t stay away from the sexy productions like this. Alina Baraz & Galimatias really make me feel with this song. This entire song is absolutely beautiful, while filtering through the hundreds of songs in my iTunes this year there was no doubt in my mind this song made the list.

Galimatias | Alina Baraz

Free Download: Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Make You Feel

1. Masq is by far one of my favorite artists of the year. His Neuro production are to die for and everything else he makes is just a tasteful. “Redemption” is one of the nastiest tracks I have heard this year. Masq’s bass work on this track is unmatched, taking on a journey filled with strongs kicks and a grimey Trap influence. I could listen to this song everyday and still be blown away by how filthy it is.


Free Download: Masq – Redemption

Top 10 Purchased Tracks

10. Denzel Curry is another artist my Hip-Hop obsessed brother introduced me to. I absolutely loved his “Nostalgic 64” album, “Parents” without a doubt my favorite. Denzil takes a run on this beat, spitting like a pro.

Denzel Curry


9. Neonlight released this gem through Lifted Music only a few weeks ago, but I was addicted right at my first listen. The bassline is amazing on this song, Neonlight moved up in my books with this bumping tune.



8. I love funk, whether it’s bassy funk or disco like. Amtrac easily hit my funky bone with this remix, I could dance for days to it. Everyone seems to have their own favorite remix of this song, but this is by far the winner for me.



7. Gambino’s album is amazing, seriously some of his best work. I can’t get enough of “Sweatpants”, the beat is dope but I love the comedy he includes in his verses throughout the track. Keeps the listener on their toes.

Childish Gambino


6. KOAN Sound & Asa’s “Sanctuary” EP was absolutely beautiful. Ever song on there takes you to a whole new field of emotions. “Tetsuo’s Redemption” is the one track that stood out the most for me. Its entire progression is a work of art, and of course I love the glitchy deep bass.

KOAN Sound | Asa


5. This is my favorite Drum & Bass track this year, no contest. Listening you can tell the Insideinfo & Mefjus had a lot of making this track. The drop itself is not like most Drum & Bass tracks, I enjoy the fun dancing feeling I get once it comes in. The whole track has funky vibe to it and changes up the pace at different moments to keep the remix from getting repetitive in any way. Mefjus is one of my top artists to watch out for in 2014.

Insideinfo | Mefjus


4. Au5 is one of the top Dubstep producers of the year. He made some serious moves, wreaking the ears of all who followed his destructive bass path. “Blossom” is an unbelievable tune, making one feel like Dubstep still has a chance to break out from the crap that floods the internet these days. He is definitely the breakout artist of 2013.



3. Teknian’s “Sonic” EP released January 6th, and at that moment I already knew it was one of the biggest releases of the year. After all the time that has passed I still stand by that statement. Picking one track from the EP proved to be more difficult than I expected, but I finally settled on what knew to be my most played track from the epic EP. “Sonic” is full of some of the heaviest basslines, ripping through countless levels of bass enjoyment that one couldn’t ask for anything better from the up and coming artist.



2. This could have easily been my top song of the year. It only released a few weeks ago in the US but I have been addicted to it since last spring when my friend Nammo introduced me to it. We knew it was a hit just at the first listen and of course the US had to be slow in picking up on great music. I know this entire song by heart and it will continue to oversatisfy my musical emotions until the radio has overplayed it by next week.

Naughty Boy


1. Culprate’s “The Great Expedition” EP is easily the one of the best EPs of 2013. Picking one song was almost impossible for me to do. After hours of listening and relistening to the EP, I had to flip a coin between “Scarred” and the winner, “McFunk”. I have never had so much fun listening to a song before this one. The song is technically a collaboration between Culprate and Torqux. Together they created one of the funkiest, bumping jams of 2013.



Music is an art created by artists with patience and skill. It has been and will forever be the greatest impact on my life. Music can lift the heart or fuel an unspoken rage, its everlasting effects always defining our deepest emotions. Farewell friends, always keep your ears wet. Our logic is sound.

– Mach

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