Tiesto Club Life Volume 3: Stockholm (Album Review)

Posted by on June 26, 2013

tiesto club life volume 3

If there is a man who has a firm grip on the pulse on the current state of clubland, it is the king of dance music, Tiesto. His consistent support has given rise to countless talents that are mainstays on festival and club stages all across the globe. Whether or not you like his move from trance to big room house, he has been on the forefront of the trends of dance music every step of the way, from his In Search Of Sunrise compilations, to now his 3rd cataloged Club Life compilation.

Much of the compilation draws on Tiesto’s recent anthology. Whether it is his very underrated remix of Passion Pit’s “Carried Away”, or his recent single in the lead up to the release “Take Me”, the compilation shows the tireless nature of Tiesto and his team to get top of line productions out onto the market. The previous 2 Club Life compilations were named after US cities Las Vegas & Miami, respectively, as an ode to their place in his life and his musical career. He has now chosen Swedish capitol, Stockholm as his next tribute, not only because of enormous talent possessed by the producers in the Scandinavian dance music mecca, but also in his incredibly nomadic lifestyle, he calls Stockholm one his homes.

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Intermixed in the compilation are various tracks that not only fit the theme of the album of being huge in clubland right now, but also with the overall big room sound being espoused by Tiesto in his sets and his productions. Tiesto’s protégé, Hardwell was kind enough to provide a special “Club Life” edit of “Apollo” for the 16 track CD, while Moguai lent “Champs” and Alesso his remix of “If I Lose Myself”. Baggi Begovic’s “Compromise” already saw its release on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom, while the surprise on the compilation was Pelari’s “Cango”. This track reflects the global trend towards minimal drops in dance music, and though it does sound similar to other tracks in the same style that have come before it, it does add a solid effort to the compilation.

Tiesto has become a pop icon, thus he had to lend a hand and remix some of the most recent pop hits like “Sweet Nothing” with another one of his discoveries, Ken Loi, the rich girls with daddy issues anthem “I Love It”, and of course “Clarity” — bringing their poppy goodness into the festival arena with his big room touch. From his own previously released anthology, standouts include his collaboration with Dyro, “Paradise”, which combines Dyro’s gritty electro stylings with Tiesto’s big room melodies, into one outstanding track, “Take Me” with Kyler England”, the underrated “Carried Away” remix and the mouthful of an artist combination with Tiesto, Baggi Begovic, Mark Alston & Jason Taylor “Love & Run”.

Towards the end of the compilation, we see Tiesto reel off 4 tracks, 2 originals and 2 remixes, that have a somewhat different feel from the whole compilation, providing a tougher finish to the otherwise uplifting, upbeat selection. Each of the tracks calls upon one of his favorite up and comers from Holland, whether it is Moska on a remix of “Century” from Kaleidoscope”, or the original with MOTI “Back to Acid”. The 4 of these tracks all have their own unique flavor to them, though they do not seem to have the same big room potency of the first part of the compilation. The “United” remix finishes on a strong note, as Blasterjaxx has become a name to be reckoned with, however they have the feel of a production that Tiesto finished up around the edges and was not involved in the substantial creative process.

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