Good As Gold: Thomas Gold Talks Beginnings, Labels, Weird Food and 2013

Posted by on May 19, 2013

537181_10151333108036021_703526544_nThomas Gold has been one of the most consistent guys in dance music. His live sets are always some of the best mainstage material, with impeccable mixing and his signature mashups that keep you on your toes at all times. He has become a favorite of Axwell and Axtone’s, recently putting together the Axtone 2012 compilation that featured plenty of his own material, new and old, in addition to showing off the label’s impressive recent discography, while also dusting off a critically acclaimed Essential Mix to finish off 2012. He has been a cornerstone of recent festivals such as UMF, Coachella & EDC New York and has taken his Fanfare tour all across the globe. He will be at Tomorrowland, for all you lucky festival goers who snuck in there in during the one second sellout. His remix for OneRepublic’s “Feel Again” was recently released for free, to the delight of everyone who had been waiting many months for it to be released. What he has coming up on the docket is relatively unknown, but he is known for his quality with each release and as he stated in terms of his productions, “There will be some surprises in 2013”.

We had the chance to talk to Thomas Gold a few months back about his plans for 2013, including the OneRepublic remix, his first gig, weird food experiences, possible label ventures and more. Check out his set from Ultra below and the interview after the jump.

FNT: Talk about your first professional DJ experience.

Thomas Gold: It was a gig in my hometown, and I just told them “Hey, let me play, I want to try it out” and I figured out that I was not ready yet, to be a pro, so it didn’t go to well. So I stopped this whole thing, I went back to practicing and got more and more stuff at home and just tried to learn what’s important for DJing, transitions, which tracks to play, so that was the beginning. But then I got my next DJ job and that went very well.

FNT: What would you do if you weren’t a DJ?

Thomas Gold: I have always been into music, I have always been a producer, musician, its always been a dream of mine to play music for people. Maybe when I was very little I wanted to be a fireman.

FNT: Would you ever consider expanding the drum line you have now into a larger Thomas Gold live type of show?

Thomas Gold: I’m not sure, because I don’t want to have a big marching band or orchestra. Right now its coming together with 8 or 9 or 10 guys and me and we are performing together, so we have them on stage and they are doing their stuff. They are part of the performance and they write their own drum music according to the tracks. We perform and rehearse together, we talk about this and that. So I don’t know if I would use this as a band because that would get too big, maybe that is an option for the future.

FNT: Would you ever consider having your own label?

Thomas Gold: Yes I would, but at the moment I just would not have enough time to have one. If I were to have a label I would put all my love into it, I would listen to the tracks and the demos, I would talk to the guys, I would take care of everything. With everything going on right now, I can’t do that. I feel really good about Axwell’s label, Axtone, and the others I have worked with, Size, Toolroom. I know where to send my tracks, so there is no need for me to have my own label.

FNT: How did the OneRepublic remix come about?

Thomas Gold: They approached me through management and they sent the remix request. When I heard the track, I was like “Wow I love it, I love the vocal” and I instantly got some ideas for the remix. So that is how it happened and then I started producing it and it went twice back and forth.

FNT: You have traveled the world and experienced a lot of different cultures, so what is the weirdest food experience you ever had?

Thomas Gold: In Seoul, because it was so strong in flavor and they had garlic everywhere, even in breakfast they had garlic. I remember these little snacks, they were these fish with almondine in them. I had never seen that before and the spices were very strong, so that was the weirdest experience because I was not used to that kind of food.

FNT: One thing people would not expect about Thomas Gold?

Thomas Gold: Maybe one of the next tracks coming up, there will be stuff you might not expect. I can’t tell you because it is a surprise. But maybe what kind of styles you will see in 2013, there will be some surprises.

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