Marc Goone – I Am Not a Lobster Ok (Album)

Posted by on May 14, 2013


Fresh New Tracks has always supported Marc Goone. I think he has the talent, and personality, to go a long way in the music industry. His latest tape, does nothing but raises by already high regard for him. Every song is unique, and his cadence and voice are something copycat rappers should strive for. His beat selection, often courtesy of Zuxwitit and Judge, is constantly changing and adapting to his ever improving and ever changing rap style. If you find me another rapper with the same style as Marc Goone, I’ll send you to the A&R’s at Def Jam, because that’s who you should be working for. Even if Marc isn’t your cup of tea, you would have to agree that he is unique, and that’s one thing I look for in the over-satured game of internet rappers. Stream the mixtape below via soundcloud and buy it on iTunes here.

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