Phoenix — Trying To Be Cool (One Love Mix)

Posted by on April 29, 2013


Last week one of my favorite bands, Phoenix, dropped their long-anticipated new album, Bankrupt! — their most recent project in almost four years. Needless to say, anything they release has been very meticulously crafted and revised, and unlike most artists’ work that I get sent these days, there weren’t any songs which I imagined could be improved or made better than they already were. Thus, when One Love sent me his remix to a favorite of the album that we shared, “Trying To Be Cool”, I was skeptical. Not only am I not generally a huge fan of remixes, but this was Phoenix. The changes here are relatively subtle, but One Love has a tremendous ear for melody, and manages to really enliven the track’s feel into more of a dance hit without losing its foundational strengths. For those looking for some higher quality music for their parties, this edit is a wonderful link between Phoenix’s terrific sound and One Love’s energetic production. Enjoy!

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