Salomon Faye & Enasni Leber – Fool’s Gold

Posted by on April 1, 2013

When I received a musical submission from my necklace making brother, Charlie Hudson, I was a bit skeptical. The guy does make some nice necklaces, but what does he know about music? Well, apparently he knows a lot. A week after receiving his initial email, I’ve finally gotten around to listening to it. From the first 5 seconds, I knew I’d love it. I’m addicted to old school samples, and that’s what originally drew me in. But what made me hit the replay button four (4!) times were the verses from Salomon Faye and Ensani Leber. I had never heard of THEillUZiON movement up until last week, but it’s something I will be quickly educating myself on. Check out Salomon on twitter here, and Ensani here.

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