Weekly Playlist #1

Posted by on February 18, 2013


**Guest Post by Evora**

My love for FreshNewTracks and electronic music in general started before I came out to California for college. It was summer 2010, and I was looking at music blogs to find some fresh sounds to blast in my dorm room before nights out or headphones while cranking out homework in the library. FreshNewTracks was one that many of my friends back East suggested. I visited the site, downloaded a few remixes by Kaskade and my music life was changed.

Since that time three years ago, I have been a frequent (3 times a day) visitor of FreshNewtTracks, but have also branched out to a variety of other sites to find the newest electro, dubstep, trance and everything in between. My musical taste is quite broad, my favorites are Seven Lions, Adventure Club, Porter, Morgan Page, Stumbleine, and everything that drops harder than Joe Frazier after being socked by Ali. After getting numerous messages, emails, and texts from friends in the last year asking for newest music in my library, I decided it was time to share. I’ve teamed up with Chazzz to start a weekly playlist, and I will be posting my top tracks of the week every monday evening on FNT. I have a music bank full of stuff I cant wait to show all you. I promise I will find the best sounds to make your ears wetter than the streets of Seattle.

Since this is the first weekly playlist, I will start with my all time top 5 songs and 5 new songs. I wanted to share my go-to songs with you guys to give you a feel for my sound and also introduce you to 5 new jams. Enjoy!


Weekly Mix #1:


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