R-Rated #63

Posted by on February 7, 2013

F3tch is not a highly known artist for most people, but take my word he is no amateur. Coming off of a EP release just a few months back he is still continuing on with the dark, heavy vibes that gave off through that EP. This freebie has a great use of samples and stays true to his dark style. Grab the free download HERE.


Jphelpz is another artist that stays true to the dark style of dubstep as well, and also just had a new EP released. This guy cranks out tunes like crazy, so if you are into his style I would suggest giving him a follow because he has plenty of tunes out and plenty on the way.


Oscillator Z  has made a few appearances on R rated before, but he has been MIA for a while. It seems as though he was feeling very generous this week because he gay away two crazy bootlegs. The first is of Downlink – Gamma Ray Burst and the second is of Genetix – Squid Attack.

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