Kyle – Silver Platter (prod. Carnage) [Official Music Video]

Posted by on December 16, 2012

As I sit stuck on my couch with a case of the flu that has had me scouring the internet for tunes and watching Breaking Bad, I think I have finally found something to cure me. It’s called Tamaflu, Advil, Benadryl, and Silver Platter. Kyle’s latest video, produced by rising EDM star DJ Carnage, is one of my favorite videos in recent memory. It features an all star cast including D-Why, and Nolan Smith.

Free Download: Kyle – Silver Platter (prod. Carnage)

Read what Kyle had to say about this release after the jump.

I wrote this song eating Cheetos. Fuck eating healthy and I hope you all die slowly… Anyways, there’s a video of me and Carnage making this song on YouTube… I don’t think he liked the song… I still think he hates the song and me. In fact, sometimes I have nightmares of him laughing at me… So I sleep with the lights on. But he’s still my big brother and I love him. Carnage taught me about gettin “hoe’s” and “basin’ up”. This “Slap” is two people who met one random day and decided to be creative. It was effortlessly “AMAAZING.”There’s not much more to say about it, and that’s why it’s great. It’s a “Slap” and it “Slaps”. Kyle & Carnage. Silver Platter. “Goin’ Dumb”. – KYLE