R Rated – Finals Edition

Posted by on December 14, 2012

I posted this bad boy yesterday on the Facebook page, but if you didn’t catch it then here it goes. I can easily say that xKore has worked himself up to the top of my list of emerging artist and could be clinching the top spot soon with a few more amazing releases like this one. The craftsmanship and blending of sounds is pretty outstanding in this track; not to mention the unique bass sounds he always delivers.

Being that it is finals week and my brain is about to shut down on me, I can only write so much more on these tracks. I’m not trying to make excuses but those two back-to-back finals were the end of me today and Christmas break couldn’t have come sooner. I will give you guys a little overview of what is to come, and that is your weekly dose of monster free releases from this past week that is going to help you guys finish the week off. Just as a little side note keep your eyes peeled for a few awesome exclusives coming early next week that I’m sure you guys are going to go crazy over. Without further ado, here are your R Rated tunes of the week; proceed with CAUTION.

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