Silver Medallion vs. Dragon & Jontron – Dream On

Posted by on November 11, 2012

It’s been a minute since we last heard a new Silver Medallion track. In what is the first of a series of vocal bootlegs, Silver Medallion takes Dragon & Jontron’s “Sriracha” (available on Beatport) and adds his own vocal flare to it. The addition of Silver Medallion to the track truly takes it to a new level. In my opinion, many EDM tracks released today should have at least a vocal mix in addition the original when released. Vocals always make songs just that much more memorable. Read the story about the track below.

“Made this vocal bootleg while souped up on sangria during hurricane Sandy. Locked in my brooklyn apt for a few days with a bunch of creative types and an endless supply of boxed wine and all sorts of things were discussed and written, this is the first one to see the light.” – Silver Medallion

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