R Rated #52

Posted by on October 25, 2012

If you haven’t already heard this remix from Noisia, then you haven’t heard one of the greatest remixes to a classic track from The Prodigy that could arguably be one of the top remixes of the year. We already know Noisia is one of the best, if not the best at their sound engineering and track ingenuity; if you don’t believe me just press play on the video. That drop almost knocked me out the first time I heard on my speakers.

For our first free download it looks like Rekoil just made it right on time with this 5k freebie. If you haven’t heard the original and VIP mixes to this track than you are missing out big time, but Rekoil gives this one his own little drumstep addition alongside some bouncy synths and lasers.

Seems like Getter was in a generous mood while he is tagging along with the Firepower crew playing out the rest of the Firepower Tour. This track has been up for preview for about 4 months now and it was about time we got our hands on it. It’s nothing out of the ordinary from him, with those monstrous growls and thunderous basslines.

Crizzly is the don of Crunkstep and he is back at it again with his Texas rap influenced track titled The Way We Ball. Taking the samples from Lil flip and adding on his laser synths and distorted melodies to give this rap track a nice electronic taste. Don’t sleep on this free download, which you can download from HERE.

For our last track we switch the vibe over to something a little darker courtesy of Mach. There is nothing wrong with that either because although this track isn’t as fast paced as the others, it still supplies you with the right amount of bass and heavy synths to cap off this edition of R Rated.

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