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Posted by on September 24, 2012

11 years in the making, after breaking up for a time and countless delays, Andain’s first artist album “You Once Told Me” has finally been released. Andain, comprised of Josh Gabriel from Gabriel & Dresden fame and Mavie Marcos have put out singles and demos here and there over the past decade, but finally after really focusing on getting the album done, Andain “You Once Told Me”, the full product has finally come to fruition. In the past 2 years with the release of “Promises” and “Turn Up The Sound” and its remixes, indications pointed towards the possibility of a finished album, but like Chicago Cubs fans or people waiting for “Detox”, they knew not get their hopes up too high.

However, all of that painful waiting is over and we have “You Once Told Me”. The album combines uplifting trance tracks with more chilled out acoustic tracks, with a few more upbeat tracks sprinkled in. This is not your 136bpm trance that pounds you into submission, nor is it your current brand of trance being headed by Anjunabeats that fuses progressive house and trance. This is its own sound, with substantial variation from track to track exemplified in songs like “Promises” that slows down the tempo with a varying bass line and growling undertones, “You Once Told Me” & “Ave Maria”, which pick up the pace and provides more upbeat elements of the album and “Taken Away” with its easygoing melody of guitar, flute and bells that lends to the more soothing side of the album. Deviating from the Gabriel & Dresden sound, Andain shows the musical complexity and creativity vested in Josh Gabriel as he continues to blaze his own unique musical trail as a member of both Andain & Gabriel & Dresden

We are proud to be teaming up with Andain to do a giveaway of 4 signed copies of the album. To enter there are 2 simple steps:

1. Like both FreshNewTracks & Andain on Facebook.
2. Comment on this post saying why you want to win it (leave your real info or else you can’t win).
The winner will be announced next Sunday night at 8pm EST.

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