Kaskade – Llove (Dada Life Remix)

Posted by on September 18, 2012

I have mixed feelings on this remix. Banana warriors and all-around mischief makers Olle and Stefan have been dropping this into their live sets for a while now, and I always feel like they’re inflicting a lot of cruel and unusual punishment on the crowd under the pretense of riling everybody up. Why? Two words: Denied. Gratification. Maybe it’s just me here, but when I hear “Llove,” all I want is the chorus. The full, unadulterated chorus, in all its soaring, chills-inducing glory. I expect that chord progression; it’s what I’m waiting for as soon as Haley’s verse kicks in. So when I don’t get it, I feel incredibly unsatisfied. Now, I get that we’re dealing with a very different musical animal here, but still. Am I just being a purist? I leave it to you to decide.

Beatport: Kaskade – Llove (Dada Life Remix) (or download the free rip from Coachella below)

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