EDM Video Round-Up – August 2012

Posted by on August 24, 2012

It has recently come to my attention that a number of important videos have dropped this month and we’ve done virtually nothing to acknowledge them. Well, it ends tonight. First up we’ve got one of the coolest and most innovative things I think I’ve ever seen — the video for Mat Zo’s “The Sky” — which gives you an insane, beautiful, jaw-dropping, stomach-clenching, how-the-hell-did-they-even-get-this-footage look into BASE jumping. This video is mind blowing from start to finish, and the fact that all of the gorgeously filmed madness is set to Mat Zo’s equally gorgeous showstopper of a track makes the entire situation that much better. If you do one thing on Fresh New Tracks tonight, watch this video. It’s absolutely incredible and you won’t regret it.

Moving on: see what Madeon, Zedd, Skrillex, and the rest of the gang have been up to after the jump…

Madeon – The City (Teaser Vid)

You’ve honestly got to wonder what Madeon’s parents put in his Wheaties when he was growing up. Is this kid ever going to misfire? Not any time soon, by the looks of things; it would appear that we have another grade-A gem a la “Finale” to look forward to in “The City,” which is set to drop “sometime this month” (well man, you’ve got about six days left, so you’d better snap to it). Added bonus? The teaser video itself is also excellent. There’s something incredibly exhilarating about the paintball-cum-chalk fight, and it suits the breathless, free-wheeling vibe of the song perfectly. And all of those exploding colors are a visual delight.

Kill the Noise – Kill the Noise Part 1 (Official Video)

This video combines many of my favorite things: dystopian futuristic Blade Runner-ish Los Angeles hellscapes, zombies, martial arts weapons, 80s sci-fi nostalgia, weird color palettes, and things exploding in time to dubstep. Kill the Noise, marvelous bastard that he is, has hit this one out of the park. This video is wonderfully silly neon-soaked noir and the perfect accompaniment to his flagship song.

Zedd – Spectrum (Official Video)

Hate to say it but I was disappointed with this video. The concept had promise (if not too much originality), but the execution lacked follow-through. Here is a quick sampling of the questions I found myself asking: Why is Taryn Manning here? Wasn’t she last seen in 2002 driving across the country with Britney Spears? Why does she look like a human but have big scary alien pupils? That just seems careless; couldn’t her presumably hyperintelligent alien comrades have finagled her some neat-o contacts? Isn’t this all happening rather quickly? Oh, !@#$, are those the Men in Black? Am I watching a music video, or the outtakes from a Nylon magazine photoshoot? Please contact me if you have any definitive answers to these most pressing questions currently facing our nation, and be sure to send them c/o Zedd and his Mini Cooper (oddly fitting vehicular choice).

Porter Robinson – Language (Official Music Video)

Another beautiful and well-loved summer anthem; another bizarre and rather inexplicable video. I’m assuming the giant transparent creature-man-thing is a metaphor for something, but it’s not exactly would you would call clear (heh, see what I did there). Creature-man-things and animated wolf packs notwithstanding, there is some interesting and compelling imagery to be found here — the water sequences are particularly spectacular and complement the song nicely — but overall this is a bit of a question mark.

Skrillex @ Rock For People Festival

Another awesome Skrillex lifestyle video to make you feel bad about your day job and wish you lived in a dubstep-and-redbull-fueled buddy comedy, doing secret genius things on private jets and delighting acres and acres of happy people around the globe every day. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but always a pleasure to get a fresh glimpse into the life and times of Sonny Moore.

*BONUS!* Birdy Nam Nam – Cadillac Dreams

Not too much to say about this one. Skrillex tweeted it the other day and it’s — for lack of a better word- — serious. Ever played Grand Theft Auto on acid? Well, you have now.

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