R Rated #43

Posted by on August 22, 2012

Man do we have a packed R Rated this week. So many quality tunes to unleash on you guys that it has had us excited all day! We have all kinds of tracks so lets begin with the first pick, Figure. Let me start by saying, HOLY SH**! We haven’t known Figure to ever dissapoint, and that streak continues. This tune is next level on all kinds of nasty and is epic enough to melt your brain with some supersonic brainwaves.

Next up we switch gears to a darker tune by Skywalkerr. Yes, here on R Rated we love the heavy filthy tunes, but we also enjoy the deep, heavy dark ones as well. Skywalkerr shows promise in this track with some glimpses of early Cookie Monsta and even a little bit of Bassnectar. Everyone keep an eye out for this Californian by following him on Facebook HERE and shout outs to WhompTexas for the find.

This next one by Truth is also another deep tune, but with a little more nasty dabbled on top. Using some aggressive distorted wobbles to accompany the bass and deep sounds, this album looks very promising

I’m not going to lie, I was a fan of the original of this remix at one point in time, but hearing this remix sparked my interest in the track again. Vital Technique and Mikey B outdid themselves on this fun remix, giving it a little bit of Datsik flavor to carry the vocals through.

This next one is by Texas native, Treg. Shout outs to WhompTexas again for showing me two absolute bangers in one day! This one isn’t anything like what we heard earlier from Skywalkerr, but 10 times heavier. At first we were only going to preview the song, but we were able to get the exclusive hook-up on this one for the FNT fans, but I need everyone to go follow him on Soundcloud and like his Facebook page HERE.

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