The King’s Dead (The Dean’s List) – Hennessy At Cookouts

Posted by on August 20, 2012

If you’re still asking yourself what exactly is going on with The Dean’s List and this whole “The King’s Dead” thing, wonder no more.  A move to rebrand their group, The King’s Dead represents a more artistic distribution channel which is represented by their newest venture, Vérité Films.  Aziz, Alexander, and Mik are no strangers to popping bottles, but the trio also enjoy a sophisticated glass of cognac.  With Mik and Alexander on the beats, Sonny once again administers two thorough verses for his generation, highlighted by a hook reflecting their journey thus far;

“White girls and Kool Aid, Hennessy at cookouts, Old gangster movies, New neighbors move out, And we did it all with no conscience hopping fences up and go cra-zy, Were young enough to be stupid, don’t mean dumb enough to be la-zy”

The King’s Dead free album, Jerusalem, (which, despite the name, will not be a religious reflection in rap form) will be hitting your laps on September 17th and I think it’s safe to say we can expect at least one or two more singles as well as another video and plenty more artistic byproduct.

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