DnB Fridays

Posted by on August 17, 2012

As if the original wasn’t great enough, this DnB remix by Mattix and Futile takes this track to the next level. Keeping things simple, but not boring, these guys definitely filled in all the gaps for me that were left in this track and completed the EP.

Big ups to W8 for finding this awesome DnB tune. He nailed it with this uplifting original tune from Neutralize featuring vocals from Emily Underhill.

Another uplifting tune steering away from the heavy Dnb, but not too liquid either. This awesome futuristic sounding drum and bass never gets old and always brings me to a state of euphoria.

This one changes the mood a little to a more jungle styled dnb. This reminds me of some of the older dnb that used to be produced a few years back.  Nothing too fancy, but fast paced enough to get the crowd going.

Last but not list I recommend everyone pre-order this awesome dnb compilation releasing from one of Mach and I’s favorite labels, InfraRed Music. Veteran artist Wickaman has been tearing apart the dnb scene through this label lately and all of his tracks are absolutely crazy.

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