Dream — This Isn’t House EP

Posted by on August 2, 2012

After a years wait, FINALLY this track has been released. Big thanks to Skrillex for finally signing the track and forcing Dream to finish it up. I will say there is a little dissapointment in the lack of variation through the track and how he didn’t decide to change any of the the three drops. After keeping the fans waiting so long, Dream could have at least varied the drop style a little bit, but instead the track sound like it is looped three time, which came as a big disappointment. As far as the remixes go, Flinch has an amazing remix to the original almost putting it to shame. Flinch takes the original and creates almost a whole new track even with an addition of some unique vocals that aren’t featured in the original.  I didn’t expect to see a Moombahton remix to this track, but of course LoBounce came through with a nice interpretation. Ironically Topher Jones was called up to do a house remix to this track. Nothing too exciting in my opinion and kind of bland. You can grab the EP on Beatport HERE.

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