Killsonik — Bloodlust EP

Posted by on May 28, 2012

When was the last time you came across a track that was classified as “Horrorstep”? One of the tracks from Killsonik’s new EP “Bloodlust” is just that. If you haven’t encountered the video, you can check it out HERE. I can’t tell you how happy I was when they announced the release of this EP. Before that time Killsonik only had one track which was a remix to Nero’s Crush On You. Then a few weeks ago we saw a remix of Chase and Status’s Flashing Lights, that appeared out of nowhere. The two tracks on this EP are both at completely different styles from one another, which is why it makes the EP so appealing. Girly, being a UK Garage/Grime/Deep Dubstep fusion styled track that has some monstrous synths and sounds incorporated into a funky-evil track. Yes, that is a lot of styles meshed into one track. With Bloodlust, you have a powerful bass-driven, LOUD, dubstep track. This track almost has two drops built into one another. The first being a subtle, yet somewhat heavy drop, then after a slight calming of the track, they bring it back with an ear-piercing drop to melt you ears shut. Being a witness of this being played live; I can tell you that it leaves crowds in a state of shock. Grab this EP on Beatport HERE.

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