Never Say Die: Compilation Album

Posted by on May 27, 2012

The monster compilation, known as the Never Say Die Album, has finally been unleashed onto Beatport. The best of the top stars from the N.S.D. team, plus others outside the label, are featured on this heavy hitting album. Some of the most anticipated tracks of the year are featured on this outstanding compilation. The continuous mix provided by Skism, just goes to show how much flow each of the tracks has in connection with one another. The label does such a great job of keeping their sound unique to their own style, and it can definitely be seen through this album and mix.

I wish I could go through and explain the uniqueness and talent behind each track on this album, but I would have to compile it in a 40 page paper which doesn’t sound too enticing during summer time (or any other time for that matter). With that being said, I will give you my top three favorite tracks on this album. Without a doubt the best track on this album for me is “Skism – Like This (feat Virus Syndicate)”. An incredible track all around from one of the most talented producers in dubstep when it comes to creating unique and crisp sounds that are sure to send any crowd going mental. It is no wonder the Never Say Die operation is doing so well with Skism at the top, making sure nothing but the best possible productions are coming out of the camp. Track number two is “501 – Chasing Stars”. The synths that 501 creates in his tracks are second to none when it comes to individuality. Just bouncing back from a great release of his EP ,Headrush/Falling Skies, he brings some heavy hitting sounds in this track that are sure to pack a punch on any set. Track number three is “Dodge & Fuski – Round One”. I must say this duo has been fabricating some of the best/catchiest melodies in dubstep lately. The popping laser synth sound on the drop sealed the deal for me on this track the first time through. I know many of you are probably thinking what about Zomboy’s remix of “Still Gettin It”, but I hate to say that the prolonging of the release on this one killed the glory of this track for me. Being surfaced almost 11 months ago, the edits and hype around the track had everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the release and with no release in site, there was no choice but to enjoy those edits. I am happy it finally has released and it is still an amazing remix from a top notch producer, so don’t let that discourage anyone from listening to it or any of the other tracks on this amazing album. You can grab this album on Beatport along with the continous mix provided by the great Skism HERE.

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