Logic – Young Sinatra: Undeniable [Mixtape]

Posted by on April 30, 2012

“I used to follow my dreams, until I caught up to them” – Logic

Word association. I say “Logic”, you say …? Lyrics, versatility, confidence? Those are just a few of the 22 year old’s most distinguished characteristics.

I was first introduced to Logic by Chris Zarou last July when he signed an independent record deal with Visionary Music Group. Christening my ears withLogic’s debut mixtape, Young, Broke, & Infamous, it was evident the young Maryland MC bolstered a repertoire unlike any other up and coming hip-hop artist. Mainstream beats, lyrics with a deeper flavor than seven layer lasagna, & a repeated intellectual and versatile flow. At that time, Logic had a slim 1,500 Facebook fans and a couple thousand Twitter followers. With very little blog coverage at that time, college sites began to join the movement which sparked a very successful sophomore mixtape, Young Sintra. Playing off his idol, the great Frank Sinatra, Logic’s fan base (shout out #RattPack & #BobbySoxers) was steadily growing. Logic has said Young Sinatra was a representation of the transformation of him turning from a boy into the young man he is today. Keeping the core values consistent with Young, Broke, & Infamous, Logic offered more originality and even more versatility. Serving up a blend of tracks for the streets, the avid fan of lyricism, college students, and even the fine groupie women (Bobby Soxer’s).

Logic’s newest installment of the evolution of Young Sinatra, Undeniable, encompasses everything from his first two mixtapes along with an entirely new page of qualities to appreciate. Logic is the epitome of perfection. Writing, recording, mixing, mastering, engineering, producing (co-producing) all of his music, he leaves no room for error. With the majority of production coming from fellow Visionary signee, 6ix, the beat selection is just as versatile as Logic’s ability to create tracks. It’s very difficult to sit here and select favorites off this project. Because the music is so diverse, it really depends on your personal taste and even your current mood. Having listened through the project in full about three times now, I feel confident in saying this will undeniably be one of, if not the best, mixtape’s of the year. There is music for every fan whether it be the raw lyrical tracks such as Dead Presidents III (which is actually an original production by C-Sik), No Biggie, Disgusting, Young Sinatra III, or All Sinatra Everything, mainstream/club records such as Numbers, Tic Tac Toe, or The Spotlight, tracks for the pretty ladies such as Relaxation, 500 Days of Summer, What You Want, or Aye Girl, or lastly what I like to call “hybrid” tracks which are fitting for any everyday hip-hop listener such as Life of a Don, We Get High, Do Ya Like (Childish Gambino/Adele Remix), Dear God, or I made it. Inception and Worldwide, the first and last song’s on the mixtape, represent an introduction to Logic’s life and journey while Worldwide is a reflection of his success to date along with messages from fans calling from all around the world.

While Logic often change’s his voice and even personality depending on the song, people have and will make comparisons to mainstream artists because that’s what they know. For example, Drake comparisons have been made on “Numbers” and “Tic Tac Toe” because they are very mainstream sounding records and Logic’s style of singing/rapping is a style pioneered by Drizzy. The second specific comparison that I foresee is Eminem on “Disgusting”. With a darker, violent verse, Logic mirrors classic lines Em’ is best known for in the Slim Shady days. Other than those two, everyone will have their opinions on who Logic is similar to, but at the end of the day, Logic is Logic.

Do yourself a favor; download this mixtape, listen from start to finish at least once and then give it an honest grade. You will more than likely have a favorable new artist, regardless of your musical preferences.  FNT x Logic Interview coming very soon!

MUST DOWNLOAD: Logic – Young Sinatra: Undeniable [Mixtape]


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