DnB Saturday 2nd Edition

Posted by on April 28, 2012

Let me start off by saying sorry for being a day late again with our DnB Friday post, but yesterday I was consumed all day by Nocturnal Wonderland in Texas. Bass music is on a whole other level these days and I’m still trying to recover from all the great shows yesterday. Monstercat media’s recent Dnb post is one of the most amazing DnB tracks. This track by Feint & Boyinaband is something out of this world. Its futuristic fast paced drum & bass including Veela’s vocals give off the best of vibes. This track just puts me in another state of mind so be sure to grab this track from the guys over at Monstercat Media. Next up is my current favorite DnB duo right now, Tantrum Desire. Dropping some new material set to release May 27th on Technique Recordings. Their upbeat style of Dnb has yet to wear off on me, and not to mention that awesome synth sound they use that you can’t miss.

Here something different from Rudimental giving us some heavy DnB with some old school styled vocals. The thing that caught me off guard was the saxaphone that comes in later on, but for some reason it is appealing. Pre-order this one, or wait for the release on May 28th.

Really looking forward to the release of this EP on Monday by J Majik & Wickaman. All these tracks have that heavy Noisia style of Dnb that are most appealing when it comes to Dnb for me. Check out this tracks in anticipation for the release this Monday.

Now for the free tunes!


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