True Tiger — Eye to Eye EP

Posted by on April 16, 2012

True Tiger’s second EP has been released on their new label; the first being Haze’s EP. I hate to say this, but finally the wait for Eyeball is over. It was put up on UKF at the end of October when it was said to be released within the upcoming weeks, and obviously it never was. Since then their highly played track, Eyeball, has been destroying venues everywhere and personally I can’t get enough of it. Also on the EP are Motor Oil, Ghost, and Mystical East. Motor Oil and Ghost both are also top quality dubstep tunes. Mystical East is that track nobody expects on a Dubstep artist’s EP; like we saw Gemini do on his latest EP. It is a mellow, almost jungle sounding tune that is like nothing I have heard. You can grab the EP on Beatport HERE.



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