Moombah Mondays

Posted by on April 16, 2012

Brown and Gammon taking his stab at some Moombah. Slowly but surely more and more artist are putting their own spin on Moombah opening doors for everyone and bringing new ideas. Not much to report this week as far as Moombahton goes. Kissy Sell  Out unleashed this monster remix for Spencer and Hill last week. Overall great sounds in this one and something different from Kissy.

D!RTY AUD!O pulls through once again making a exclusive last minute submission for FNT fans. Really excited to grab his remix of Savior coming out this Wednesday, been dying for it. Nothing less than the usual bangers from this Moombah prodigy, with another bass pumping Moombahcore remix. Grab the free download from his Facebook provided in the link below.



David Heartbreak has been shifting away from his soulful Moombah tracks lately and creating some more aggressive Trap’d and Loc’d remixes. Not going too lie most of the stuff is sounding pretty good. If you find hardstyle tough to bare, I’m not sure how you will cope with this remix.

I am kind of glad I stumbled upon this remix today by HyJax. Although people seem to dislike the original Lick It collab between Skrillex and Kaskade, this one appeals to me for some reason. Loads of bass with the perfect tempo for these synths. Be on the lookout here tomorrow for the official remixes to Lick It along with the release of the music video.

I am always nervous when I am about to listen to a remix of one of Daft Punk’s tunes. The deciding factor for me is if the Daft Punk flavor is lost within the remix, then I can’t bare to listen anymore. Luckily Kromofone was able to maintain some of that signature funk throughout this Moombahcore remix, even contributing a little of his own throughout.

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