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Posted by on April 13, 2012

Noisia’s video of there track Could This Be is an interesting video that caught my attention this week when they released it. The video goes along with the track well and had me starring at it and replaying it a few times. Seven Lion’s is known for there beautiful melodic dubstep originals and remixes, but Smooth remixed this amazing track to perfection. This DnB remix off of Seven Lions upcoming EP by Smooth takes the melodic orignal and adds those heavy kicks and drums we all love to hear, while keeping the amazing melody and vocals intact.

Seven Lions – Below Us (feat. Shaz Sparks) (Smooth’s DnB Remix) by Viper Recordings

You know what to do.

If you don’t know about Figure and his crazy drumstep, then you need to head over and like his FACEBOOK ASAP. Lately he has been producing some next level futuristic DnB/Drumstep. This one is crazy and it caught Mach and I off guard when the drop came around. You will see why.

Notixx destroying this remix like a boss. My favorite remix of the week without a doubt. Enough said.

Wasn’t expecting Candyland to be putting out any DnB because they have been involved in Moombah and Dubstep lately, but this track turned out well. Some monster sounds in this remix giving it that blend between Noisia synths and some Spor synths as well. Of course the vocals and piano melody of this track add a great aspect as well.

Slowly toning down on the heavy drumstep and shifting into the more melodic bass pumping DnB we have a freebie from Viper Recordings. Personally I love this track and am definitely wondering why it isn’t on UKF Drum and Bass. Smooth gives us a track that I imagine as the perfect style of DnB that everyone can relate to.

Smooth – Timeless [Download Link]

This is a nice funky DnB remix of Lovely Day. Keeping it nice and chill throughout giving it that nice summer vibe.

Last but not least is another favorite of mine this week staying more on the melodic and mellow side of Dnb. Who can hate on an amazing piano melody accompanied by the fast paced Dnb kicks. The two go hand in hand to create this outstanding tune.


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