XXL Freshman Edition 2012?

Posted by on February 29, 2012


That more or less sums up my feelings toward this years XXL Freshman edition. Also its about goddamn time Macklemore got some well deserved attention. Having said that, can you tell me who the other people in this picture are? Now obviously that’s a joke but seriously besides MGK, Roscoe, French Montana, and Danny Brown, who are these people and why are they relevant? I’ve heard a couple of them but couldn’t match a face and a name. Seriously, this thing has gone from winning the Superbowl last year, or whatever championship that tickles your fancy, to going maybe 2-14(being nice?). What a quality nose dive. That class from last year alone was one of the sickest I’ve seen, and I know what you’re thinking, how could it not be when LIL B is in it! #THANKYOUBASEDGOD.
Now I know the LIL B line got you to hit the jump button, but seriously if the question WHO THE F&*K IS THAT CHICK? popped into your head when you saw the picture, don’t feel alarmed, it’s fairly normal since she’s a lady and from Australia. It’s one thing to put a female rapper in the group, but when I and most other people have no idea who she is or anything she’s been a part of, its just plain pointless. I much rather would’ve seen Kreayshawn in there not only because I know who she is but also because she made a bomb ass rap song with really expensive clothing brands in it. Now I can’t tell you much about these guys and their music mainly because I have yet to delve into them but all i know is that the two white dudes are really cool, especially Macklemore, French Montana is a dummy who can’t reply to emails because he doesn’t know how to work them,true story just google it, Roscoe Dash is that dude who did the “No Hands” hook and infected our ears with “All the Way Turnt Up”, and Danny Brown is one crazy sounding dude stealing all the features in SPIN/Rolling Stone.
Now that I have successfully given you my feelings and trashed this years somewhat mediocre lineup, lets take a minute to ponder who they are missing…Anybody know what happened to A$AP Rocky, XV, Stalley, Kreayshawn, Chip tha Ripper, Schoolboy Q, Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, Casey Veggies? Very surprised at least one of those notables didn’t get the nod. Any who. I think it’s a good time to open up the discussion to the fans and see what you guys think. Hit up the comment box and sound off your opinions.

Dshaq’s Freshman

1. A$AP Rocky
2. Macklemore
3. Danny Brown
4. Schoolboy Q
5. Kirko Bangz
6. Earl Sweatshirt
7. XV
8. Casey Veggies
9. Phil Ade

Here’s what my boy BIG POOKIE had to say about a certain XXL freshman…

Final question that both Andy V and I had: Why is French Montana wearing that bear hat? Also where can one go about purchasing one?