Review | XXL Freshman Edition 2012?

Posted by on February 29, 2012


That more or less sums up my feelings toward this years XXL Freshman edition. Also its about goddamn time Macklemore got some well deserved attention. Having said that, can you tell me who the other people in this picture are? Now obviously that’s a joke but seriously besides MGK, Roscoe, French Montana, and Danny Brown, who are these people and why are they relevant? I’ve heard a couple of them but couldn’t match a face and a name. Seriously, this thing has gone from winning the Superbowl last year, or whatever championship that tickles your fancy, to going maybe 2-14(being nice?). What a quality nose dive. That class from last year alone was one of the sickest I’ve seen, and I know what you’re thinking, how could it not be when LIL B is in it! #THANKYOUBASEDGOD.