YONAS – Time Is Now (’09 Freestyle)

Posted by on November 29, 2011

YONAS, YONAS, YONAS, stop killin’ em!   “Y/O” recently came across this old freestyle from back in 2009 that he decided to release to the fans.  Some artists are born with a gift, YONAS is one of those artists.  With an ability to compose meaningful music, YONAS’ resume is longer than most of you probably expect.  While his name is just beginning to really catch wind, his music stretches back over the last 3 or 4 years…and it’s all good.

“Now n***** gettin’ signed and they ain’t got a buzz, if it got a buzz they don’t do it for the love, if they do it for the love it won’t fit up in the club, this is where the whole game got f’d up, the psychology is to get the dollar to jump, but every dollar we get we give out honesty up” – YONAS

DOWNLOAD: YONAS – Time Is Now (’09 Freestyle)

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