Cosmic Gate, meHilove, Dinka, & EDU

Posted by on November 29, 2011

Since listening to meHilove’s Ukraine Mix months ago, I’ve been obsessed with progressive trance and have been eagerly awaiting the release of meHilove’s hit track ‘Daylight’ featured below. You are not about to be disappointed with these progressive trance jewels. Earlier today, as I walked in the rain navigating through space, all I could think of was how dream-like these sounds were.

You won’t find too many songs with vocals on my playlist. I don’t fancy having to make sense of voices during my leisure time. I’d much rather throw on some progressive trance that helps me escape from my perceived reality – that transports me into another dimension. It is in this alternate realm that these sounds remind me that there is nothing worth remembering. One has to feel the sound as opposed to trying to understand it.

These tracks will always remain timeless in my collection and really show me the difference between the songs I like versus those I love. Maybe our love for music is subconsciously trying to tell us the significance of sound beyond our wildest dreams – maybe it keeps the universe from flying apart. Certainly it’s a passion we all share, like a heartbeat.

Download: meHilove – Daylight (Original Mix)

Download: Dinka – Skyscraper (Original Mix)

Download: EDU – Step In Time (Original Mix)

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