Twibak: On The Rise

Posted by on November 14, 2011

Coming from across the pond in Sweden, Twibak is set to carve out his unique path in the world of house music. Here is a brief interview with Twibak:

With so many genres to choose from, why electronic music?

I first was introduced to electronic music when I went off to study at university. I found Armin van Buuren’s ASOT and that helped me concentrate on studying. As time went on, I became more passionate about music.

The future looks bright for you, what do you envision?

Right now, the goal is to create remixes for other more established artists, and later release records under my own name. I’ve got a lot of passion for music. It’s more than just a hobby for me, so if I can continue making music, I’ll be happy to do so.

Earlier this year american magazine Joonbug gave Twibak and Avicii a shared first prize in a list of artists likely to watch out for.

”This will be Avicii’s other half, because this artist does not even have a track up on Beatport, but his recent mix of friend Martin Lundblad’s ID has exploded to popularity on internet blogs. Mainly progressive, Twibak’s catchy, swooning build ups are broken by a nicely harmonized electro bit, the kind popularized by Bob Sinclair, Dirty South, and David Guetta. Twibak is someone to watch for 2011, particularly with the number of superstar DJs coming out of Sweden.”

Twibak says he is inspired and appreciative of the recognition, and now works even harder thanks to it. The track below is a symbol of his talent and makes you ponder what his future may hold. I predict big things from this guy – you now know. (Martysounds also deserves credit on this track as well.)

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