Dauwd – Ikopol

Posted by on October 24, 2011

Yes, you are seeing that correctly, pun intended.

Download: Dauwd – Ikopol

This track came from a tape that was 99% garbage with one exception, this gem. Luckily I had the tolerance to hear it out, or this wouldn’t be happening. The beauty of not extrapolating any meaning from this song makes for the best feeling.

My ears are always circulating a wide variety of genres, and thank goodness some tracks not yet subjected to one. I’ve never been one to desperately cling a genre to a particular sound, or a description to art for that matter, it’s creepy and control freakish. Art should defy description, not dampen our imagination. It remains as is, why go ahead and try to make sense of it? Ask me, that’s everything art should not be….

Personally, music and genre are fading away, only to be replaced by the feelings of sound. I’m sure Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, the makers of Soundcloud saw this well in advance. Once we notice more room outside the box, music subjected to genre becomes a tiny paintbrush with a few colors compared to the blank canvas sound is capable of. Post-dubstep band Mount Kimbie on interview earlier this year said they along with James Blake would record throwing rocks against the wall in tunnels for there tracks. Now that may sound ridiculous, but only because you have description, like knowing how the magic trick is done, the significance is gone.

Artists today remind me of being a stubborn child, if my parents asked me to go to Disney Land, I’d refuse and do the exact opposite of what they request I do. Same goes for artists that make it there incentive to be anything but subject to genre, an image, a description of any kind, and rightfully so. Why should we be forced to view ourselves from the outside in?

I know sharing an opinion in great detail makes for the most criticism, the nail that sticks out among the rest gets hammered. Still, whatever your opinion, it came only as a reaction to mine, your judgement, second to what you initially understood anyways. And for those righteous control freaks ready to articulate my choice of genre for this track, let’s all try growing into children for a change.


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