Dubstep | Dauwd – Ikopol

Posted by on October 24, 2011

Yes, you are seeing that correctly, pun intended.

Download: Dauwd – Ikopol

This track came from a tape that was 99% garbage with one exception, this gem. Luckily I had the tolerance to hear it out, or this wouldn’t be happening. The beauty of not extrapolating any meaning from this song makes for the best feeling.

My ears are always circulating a wide variety of genres, and thank goodness some tracks not yet subjected to one. I’ve never been one to desperately cling a genre to a particular sound, or a description to art for that matter, it’s creepy and control freakish. Art should defy description, not dampen our imagination. It remains as is, why go ahead and try to make sense of it? Ask me, that’s everything art should not be….