Kenton Dunson – Turn it Loose

Posted by on June 23, 2011

Kenton Dunson continues to impress me with these leaks off of his upcoming album ” Creative Destruction 2.” Turn it look combines a hard, guitar riff induced beat with a smooth chorus. Here’s what Kenton had to say about this drop.

One afternoon during a session, I had a bunch of effects hooked to the guitar because I was trying to rip some type of Prince line (impossible) when I fumbled on a a dope riff. So I recorded it and chopped it up…went for some raw 808s and reverse tape deck type snares….I kept it moving. Next, I stepped up to the mic, ripped a couple verses from scratch. This is my music at it’s purest…no big storyline or theme but somehow the theme lives through the hook “Turn it Loose”. That’s exactly what I did. I feel like everyone needs a release from time to time and this was my release in musical form. – Kenton Dunson

Kenton Dunson – Turn it Loose

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