Jacob Es – Stoned Poets Society EP | Hip-Hop

Posted by on April 21, 2011

It’s still 4/20 in Hawaii so I can technically wrap up the holiday with Jacob Es’ EP. If you didn’t catch any of the leaks we posted in the past couple of weeks, give my favorite cuts below a listen. His sound is definitely of a different breed which makes it easy to look past his production flaws. Be sure to like his page on Facebook if you’re digging his stoner-material.

Download the full EP – HERE

DOWNLOAD: Jacob Es – Willie Beaman (Prod. Blackbird Blackbird) — Dope

DOWNLOAD: Jacob Es – Cold Rain (Prod. Brian Dorsey)

DOWNLOAD: Jacob Es – Nov. 4, 2010 (Prod. John Frusciante)

DOWNLOAD: Jacob Es – On My Way (Prod. Plan-Z)

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  • fan

    His EP was amazing, and as a producer, I felt that their were no production flaws..


    Sub-par production on some of his tracks*… listen to his voice against the beat its a little rough at times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan I like a number of his tracks…

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