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Posted by on April 13, 2011

From finals to finalizing summer internships, life has been semi-stressful lately. Locating the perfect loft/apartment for summer partying hasn’t been the easiest process, either. Since I’ve clearly neglected Fresh New Tracks as of late, I decided to throw up a post with my favorite tracks from the past week or two.

Liberty is new on the scene. Composed of two dudes from Los Angeles, Liberty has generated quite the buzz as of lately. Their track “Middle Fingers Up” is an absolute must download. Apparently, the duo dropped the track as part of their upcoming release entitled the “Middle Finger Project.” Check out their Soundcloud for more information.

DOWNLOAD: Liberty – Middle Fingers Up – MUST DOWNLOAD!

The following two heavy dubstep tracks are sweet concoctions– “treats” which incorporate the perfect mixture of bass and “whomps.” How appetizing….

DOWNLOAD: Will Bailey and Figure – Bass Powa

DOWNLOAD: Doctor P – Watch Out

The vocals in the track posted below are insane. This is the sort of music that SHOULD be incorporated in the clubs (although I noticed that, while out in Los Angeles, clubs at least attempted to do so). It has that perfect electro feel and build. The incorporation of dubstep, however, solidifies this track. In my eyes, it deserves an A+….

DOWNLOAD: Hirshee Ft. Tonye Aganaba – So Good

This last track is nothing short of electro ecstasy. Kids At The Bar have done an excellent job remixing The Sound’s latest single, “Something To Die For.”

DOWNLOAD: The Sounds – Something To Die For (Kids At The Bar Remix)

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