Reality – Shawty Windin

Posted by on March 24, 2011

After releasing his debut singe “Doubted” (below), a few weeks ago, Reality is back at it with his latest work entitled “Shawty Winding.” If you are digging these tracks, make sure check Reality on facebook.

DOWNLOAD: Reality – Shawty Windin

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  • Real1tyfan912

    BOOM baby. Another club anthem. It’s got me windin’!

  • The BEST

    These songs are fucking HORRIBLE. Where is the goddamn substance, GMONEY please dont post anything like this ever again, this sounds like everything else i’ve heard before except only done much worse. Fuck this stupid shit. Where’s your Macklemore and other artists of substance, fuck this bullshit.

  • Embarrassing

    This is worse than Mike Stud.

  • Sam Probber

    This “rapper” is from Greenwich, CT

  • bestrapperever

    Quit hating if u guys had any clue what good music was you would appreciate these songs but since your brain is to small and smoked out you can not hear the true message reality ia trying to speak so quit yo bitchin and let the boy live his life because I believe he will make it

  • Pierre Bonnaire

    this is terrible.

  • hahaha wtf is this

  • lol mike stud is a baller. how is he any longer labeled as bad? lets be real brothers. c’mon now.

    the songs from this post are in fact, not good though.