Dancernaut – Love ‘n La | Electro-Hop

Posted by on March 21, 2011

Some of you may recognize Dancernaut from the February post that covered the duo’s hit with rapper Bijan – if not I’ve posted the track below so don’t miss it this time around. This latest Dancernaut project pays tribute to the beloved city of LA. The up tempo electro beat is perfectly set off by Neema’s raspy voice which might just be the manly counterpart to Posner’s soft vocals. In the second track which is aptly titled “Jaded”, Neema “flexes” his witty muscles in the various verses while simultaneously proving that several artists aren’t a prerequisite for a dope track (the second half of the group Keyan Keys helps out with the song writing but leaves most of the work up to Neema). Catch them on Facebook and on Twitter.

DOWNLOAD: Dancernaut – Love ‘n La — Filthy

DOWNLOAD: Dancernaut – Jaded

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