Unreal Mashups

Posted by on October 28, 2010

These are some of the best mashed up party songs, I can’t stop playing all of these…hit like so I can show Biglife how much better I am at blogging than he is. Love you guys.

Mashup Germany – One Starry Memorie (Beyonce vs Ellie Goulding vs David Guetta ft Kid Cudi vs Forrest Gump)(4 stars) Softer remix, the intros the best part of the song, sadly

Dj DiBella – Ghost’s n Shots (Deadmau5 vs LMFAO ft Lil Jon)(5 stars) PARTY song, get this, thanks CJ! (previously posted)

DJ From Mars – Boom Boom 2 (Black Eyed Peas vs Blur)(4 stars)

DJs From Mars – Where the Streets Can’t Handle Me (U2 vs Flo-rida(4 stars)

DJ Tripp – Dynamite Pressure (Queen * David Bowie vs Taoi Cruz)(4 stars)

DJ From Mars – Not My Tubular Bells Tonight (Mike Oldfield vs Christina Aguilera)(4 stars)

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