Hip Hop Update: Presented By Jimmy McMillan

Posted by on October 21, 2010

The names aren’t looking familiar at all are they? That’s because they’re not. I try my best to be selective about what I post. I’ve really been cracking down lately though. I’ve been guilty of over-posting in the past. I’m all about quality over quantity. That’s why I giving you this mega-post to sort through. Just kidding. That being said, here’s some submissions that I thought were worthy of your ears. You may agree with me, you may disagree with me, but you’ve gotta respect me for keeping it consistent everyday. That being said, let’s get into it. P.S.- If I was in New York, Jimmy would have my vote. The rent really is too damn high.

Jimmy McMillan- Rent Is Too Damn High

Zac White- The Realness

Kai Straw- Devil

Cal- Fade (Prod. Rob Resnick)

Duece Bug- Diggity Duece Bug

Chris Cus ft. Blake C- Pray

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