Electronic, Hip-Hop | Zeal Draws Attention With Meaningful Multi-Genre Single “Tomorrow”

Posted by on August 5, 2019

Most new singles are a hybrid of modern genres elements of the now, “Tomorrow” harnesses the power and groove of hip-hop while supplying the warmth of Porter Robinson and Madeon-inspired electronic. The result is a song with many genres, tempos, and moods stitched together, Zeal’s implementation of production and arrangement talents being the cohesive glue that stitches the parts together, allowing a organic flow to be heard.

21 year old Australian artist Zeal draws from a near-decade of music experience. Today, his works build upon the foundation a wide-spectrum of talents from different music cultures. In “Tomorrow,” Zeal calls upon rapper Paintriip and vocalist Yohanna to capture the electronic-hip hop zest that’s on display here, an element he certainly nailed.

However you describe his style, Zeal has several attractive and different elements that will surely be a lure to fans who see him.