Electronic | Razz has you “Walking On A Dream”

Posted by on July 18, 2016

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Razz’s track “Right Back” still has us buzzin’ so when we found this in our inbox we were thrilled! Collaborating with Zack Martino, Razz drops a remix to “Walking On A Dream” and it is a beauty! “This record really brought back memories of our youth, so we decided to put our own spin on it,” says Razz, “We want you to feel like you’re back in one of your childhood memories after listening to this.” I don’t know about you, but this definitely transported me back in time to the days when things were a lot simpler. A beautiful vocal, combined with a summery drop has Razz & Zack Martino’s remix of “Walking On A Dream” on my list of summer 2016 hits! Check it out now and see for yourself.

House | Listen to Gryffin’s Lush Remix of Troye Sivan’s “Youth”

Posted by on March 29, 2016

YOUTH (Gryffin Remix)

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Just days ago, Gryffin returned to drop a blissful rendition of “Youth” by Troye Sivan. The remix follows Gryffin’s big debut single “Heading Home” that came out this past January and quickly became #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. After his outstanding live performances in front of packed crowds at San Diego’s CRSSD Festival and Miami’s Ultra this past month, the young gun producer has shown us that he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Gryffin’s take on “Youth” acts as another unique reimagining, adding to his already stacked collection of celebrated remixes. By including hurried percussion, slick synths, and lush guitar sweeps, Gryffin transports the poppy sound of the original into a dreamy soundscape that is reminiscent of love and adolescence. You can listen to the new remix now or catch it on Gryffin’s current “Heading Home” Live Tour. Tickets here.