Chill | Nurko Drops Heart-Warming KnightVision Release “With U (feat. Misdom)”

Posted by on October 21, 2017

Nurko may be the next in a long line of successful Jersey-bred artists. “With U (Feat. Misdom)” comes on the heels of lots of indie / dance / soul hybrids we’ve have seen in various shapes and sizes in the past couple of years. Yet, Nurko finds a way to zero in on a very nurturing, organic aspect of these types of sounds that settles in nicely from the very first listen of “With U.” It’s hard to pinpoint the elements that deliver this feeling exactly, but Nurko is certainly ahead of the curve on this front. Previous to this single, Nurko collected several million plays and notable label releases including Lowly Palace, showcasing a consistent track-record of success.