Electronic | “Wake Up” on the Right Side of the Bed with Sun City

Posted by on November 29, 2016

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There’s no better way to kick off Summer Downunder than with a bumpin’ track from our favorite Aussie duo, Sun City. The guys unload “Wake Up” as their second single off of, “Daytona”, their upcoming EP. Kick your feet back, grab a cold one, and enjoy as the heady bassline and smooth synth wash over your eardrums like a gentle wave rolling in on the sand. So make sure to check this surefire chart-topper out on SoundCloud or iTunes and Spotify before their EP release in early January.

Electronic | The Delta Mode’s Progressive-Deep House EP ‘Wake Up’ Hits The Spot

Posted by on August 10, 2015

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Deep house is gaining more momentum, but progressive seemed to be going by the wayside, until The Delta Mode released their new EP.

Wake Up EP features both, and both are in excellent form. We posted an early trap-heavy remix from The Delta Mode earlier in the month, but house may be more of there forte.

Either way, this album hits hard, on many levels. I went into with moderate expectations and came out a changed man.

Hip-Hop | Maxxx Flair — Wake Up [EP]

Posted by on May 19, 2013

Wake Up Artwork Large

After premiering two impressive leaks from this lyrically-gifted Yonkers emcee, his new EP Wake Up is here in full. While his past releases have highlighted his rapidly-growing skill as a writer and technical rapper, Wake Up is by far his most consistent record to date, and with a decidedly more reflective sound, Maxxx’s personality begins to shine on the record as we hear more of his story. In conjunction with the EP release, we also have the music video to his lead single, “Feels Right”, featuring Sunny Jones, who also produced the majority of the record. Enjoy the tape, and keep up with Maxxx Flair as I know he has some great work ahead of him.