Progressive House | Danzfolk – Osiris

Posted by on May 13, 2014

Danzfolk - Osiris
I have been telling you all about these guys and slowly people are starting to listen, but not like they should be. Their productions are polished beyond their years and only get better each time. This is the third and final tune in their “MYTHOS” trilogy, that took us from the high seas, to the shores of Crête to now the underworld of Egyptian mythology. As they explain,

“Osiris’ was the god of the dead, and ruler of the underworld. Throughout the height of Egyptian civilization, Osiris was the primary deity. In power, he was second to only his father, Ra, and was the leader of the gods on earth. Osiris resided in the underworld as the lord of the dead, as after being killed by Set, even though he was a god, he could no longer dwell in the land of the living. After Osiris was killed, Isis resurrected him with the Ritual of Life, which was later given to the Egyptians so that they could give eternal life to all their dead. The spells and rituals cast by Isis, plus many others given to the people by the gods over the centuries, were collected into The Book of the Dead. In the underworld, Osiris sits on a great throne, where he is praised by the souls of the just.

The tune has a strong Middle Eastern flavor to it with a strong, bouncy and bodacious bass line and a well-crafted melody. All three tunes in the series are must downloads and this is the cherry on top.

Free Download: Danzfolk – Osiris

Electronic | KIll J – Phoenix (Galimatias Remix)

Posted by on November 1, 2013


I came across Galimatias months ago snooping through the underworld of Bandcamp compilations, and since stumbling upon him, I’ve kept tabs. This particular remix comes off a collection featuring 9 other Danish electronic artists that you can find at a blog called ”Rekompileret”. Hollow and airy, Galamatias’s take on ”Pheonix” is a gorgeous array of delicate vocals and longing rhythms.

Free Download: KIll J – Phoenix (Galimatias Remix)

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Dubstep | Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix)

Posted by on February 12, 2013

bassnectar rez

Did I tell you that this was an awesome week for releases, or did I tell you that this was an awesome week for releases? Add Lorin Ashton to the varsity roster of artists dropping bombs between February 11th and 15th. If you haven’t already taken his spacey, heady reboot of the tech-trance mindmelt that is “Rez” for a spin or two or twenty, now is the time to redeem yourself. Listening to this song is probably as close as we’re currently able to get to knowing what it’s like to be sucked through a wormhole. If that doesn’t sway you, this should: you know a track is something serious when Bassnectar uses it to usher in 2013 from the helm of a 360-degree LED pod (see above). “Rez” is out now on US iTunes and vinyl, if you’re into that, via Child’s Play Records.

iTunes: Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix)


Dubstep, Preview | Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on January 16, 2013

Well, happy effing Wednesday. Bassnectar may be off the grid at the moment, but we’ve still got an exciting preview of what to expect from him next month. In the midst of all the blowout shows he treated fans to at the end of 2012, it seems he managed to find time to polish off a monster remix of Underworld’s 1994 tech-trance epic “Rez”. If you’re a fan of Lorin’s explosive, mind-melting soundscapes, heady builds, ferocious low-end bass and unparalleled usage of drums, you’ll be all over his treatment of this track — it’s a slow, spacey journey through many of his trademark sounds. Look for it to drop bass in your face on February 12th.