Dubstep | R Rated #36

Posted by on July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday America. Today is a great day indeed, the day we celebrate kicking ass and taking names. It is an honor to be able to write due to the freedoms that are being celebrated today.

First track this week is a preview of one of the many “Spectrum” remixes that have been surfacing over the past week due to the competition Zedd is holding. This track happens to be Sev’s and my own favorite for the Dubstep remixes of the track. Sam Wire came in smooth, using the samples of the original very well, taking us into a dirty drop. Got my fingers crossed for him, I hope he can come out on top with this awesome remix.


Tut Tut Child came through with  my favorite Drumstep track of the week. The isn’t overdone which tends to happen a lot in the styling of Drumstep. Tut Tut Child keep it simple but composed creatively, delivering a raw track.

Jiclo isn’t a name I don’t think anyone is very familiar with, but this track is dirty. Getting crunk on some nasty drops.

Did someone say Gundam remix? Count me in. This remix swept me off my feet, having blasted me with giant Gundam bass cannons. Epic.

Savant has been showing some teeth in the past few months. He is back again with another freebie. This one happens to be an older work of his that he found, but also stated that maybe he will tweak and refinish it.